10 Pet Friendly Hotels With Awesome Perks

by nicole wall on November 11, 2021

I pack my bags and lug them down to the front door.  I look over at the couch and see both my dogs staring at me with ears down and the saddest look on their little faces.  Even though I know I have someone coming to stay at the house with them, so they won’t be alone, and even though I have stocked up on all of their favorite treats and made sure their every want and need will be catered to, I still feel guilty.  Unless it is a business trip, or I am going to a foreign country more and more often I find myself giving in to those cute little faces and taking them with me.

Over the past 10 years the travel industry catering to pets has exploded.  According to a study done by the American Pet Products Association 56% of people in the USA travel with pets.  In response to this growing trend more and more hotels have not only started allowing pets but are actually catering to pet owners and their furry family members.  According to a survey done by the American Hotel & Lodging Association 60% of U.S. Hotels now allow pets.

With all that competition hotels are really stepping up their game.  Let’s take a look at some of the best pet friendly hotels out there. 

Hotel Palomar, Phoenix, Arizona

From the Kimpton hotel brand, one of the most pet friendly chains in the world.  The Hotel Palomar has all your pet needs covered. Plush pet beds, food and water bowls, and courtesy clean up bags for when you go on walks.  A pet concierge can offer you a list of nearby pet friendly restaurants, parks, shops, and other services.  What really sits this hotel apart is that they do not charge you extra for pets AND they do not have any limit on home many pets you bring.  Now top it all off with nightly wine receptions that your fur baby is welcome to attend.  I wonder if they offer a doggie “wine”?

Calistoga Ranch, Napa Valley, CA

From complimentary scheduled daily-guided hikes in Calistoga Ranch’s secluded canyon setting, organic pet treats and spring water provided as a welcome amenity, bags for pet cleanup and pet tags that read “Guest of Calistoga Ranch” with the resort’s phone number for use while on property.  Pets accompanying guests can also now enjoy luxurious custom pet beds, pet room service menus featuring specially prepared gourmet meals, including Ground Beef and Rice; Diced Chicken and Pasta and High-Protein Beef Sirloin Patty. Additionally, when guests are away from their rooms enjoying the resort or sightseeing elsewhere, they can place Do Not Disturb Doggie signs on their doors for their pooch’s privacy.  The real kicker at this resort is the bacon scavenger hunts the resort offers.  Yes please!!

At The ART Denver, CO

This luxury boutique hotel does not charge a pet fee if you make sure to tell them your four-legged friend will be staying when you make your reservation. Dogs are welcome and will be treated to a luxurious adventure of their own. Included in your stay will be a branded food and water bowl, a bag of special dog treats, a $20.00 gift certificate to Urban Dog (they want a souvenir from their vacation too!), wipes and pick up bags, and a “pet in room” door hanger.  Denver is a pretty dog friendly town so they can also provide you with a list of all the local businesses that will welcome both you and your pet.

Oceans Edge Key West Hotel & Marina, Key West, FL

Your little furry ones will be met with a smile, scratch on the head and treats at check-in.  Special amenities include a special gift bag filled with organic treats, doggie bags and a door hanger identifying them as property VIPs.  You will be given a hotel map that provides directions to the waterfront dog park and convenient “dogipot” receptacles are located throughout the property.  Treats at check in, Dog door hanger to let staff and other guests know that there is a special VIP in your room, Doggie bags, OEKW doggie bandanas available soon and even Starbucks famous puppacino upon requests and they have not one, but TWO dog parks! One with a view, and one for the dog who might like a little more quiet and less crowds. Your pup is going to love Oceans Edge Key West.

The Betsy, Miami South Beach, FL

A couples massage for you and your dog?  That’s right!!  Treat your number one companion with a couples massage like no other. With your pup at your side, soak in the gently Oceanside breezes from our beautiful outdoor Spa, where plush beds and personalized pampering await. While you enjoy a massage delivering the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy oils, your pup can also enjoy a personalized experience of gentle massage, crisp water and healthy nibbles.  

Kimpton Onyx Hotel, Boston, MA

Kimpton Onyx enthusiastically welcomes all pets that can fit through their doors with NO FEES or mandatory deposits!  Now both you and your pets can even meet with their Director of pet relations, Rocco, an Australian Labradoodle.  As with all Kimpton hotels your pet will feel like a celebrity when they welcome them by name and have a luxury custom pet bed waiting for their use in the room.  You will also receive specialty pet bowls, treats, and all the pick-up bags you need.

The Pines Lodge, Beaver Creek, CO

The Pines Lodge now offers travelers the opportunity to give man's best friend the ultimate pup-cation with the Pines Pup Bucket List.  This dog-friendly hotel provides over-the-top offerings for your furry-friend, including dog hiking, spa treatments (complete with doggie massages, a bath and a blow-out), Yappy hours and doggie GoPro rentals.  You can even request a doggie turn down service and they will receive a rawhide bone left for them on their pillow.  Pup-parents will receive maps with the top dog-friendly hiking routes and businesses upon check in.

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, New York, NY

Animal Fair magazine voted this hotel as one of the nations “Pet friendliest destinations.” We can see why with all the goodies they give you.  Bowls, toys, Fiji water (you wouldn’t expect him to drink tap water, would you??) If you want to upgrade your pet package you can even get a monogramed pet bed, dog tag that reads, “I am staying at Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC”, and a bag.


The Monaco, Seattle, WA

Featured in Rachael Rey’s magazine, Suitcase Magazine, and Fodors travel this hotel is taking home some top prizes for it’s generous pet policy.  No additional fees for bringing your pet and they welcome pets of all size and type.  Furry, feathered, or feline they are all welcome here. For the canine companion you will receive food and water bowls, a pet bed, treats and pick up bags.  Tired of the same old dog food?  Order off the doggie room service menu instead.  They offer a tasty selection of Doggie Beef Stew, Frozen Dessert "Pupsicle," and Smoked Beef Marrow Bones. Each for $7 a pop.  Wonder what your pup is stressed out about?  Meet with the pet psychic during the evening social hour.  Also receive a listing of all the pet friendly bars and breweries in the area.  Nobody wants to drink alone, right?

The James on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL

The James knows your pet is part of your family, so they welcome them with open arms and fun perks.  Colorful leashes and collars, size appropriate doggie beds, food and water bowls, organic treats, and even a selection of rental toys.  They will even arrange for doggie daycare or walkers to attend to your pet while you are out.


Here’s a bonus resort for all you all-inclusive fans out there:

Breathless Rivera Cancun, Mexico

Calling all Paw-ty pups!  This upscale adult only resort now allows dogs 22 lbs and under.  Your pooch will be welcomed with his own dog bed, food and water bowls, treats, and toys.  They can also order off the room service menu and mingle with other pups in the designated doggie areas.

Hotel scene not your thing?  Home rentals are also a great place to look when traveling with a pet.  Places like Airbnb and VRBO have lots of properties that allow pets.  You may have to supply your own toys and treats but it’s worth it if Fido gets his own room.

Do you have a favorite pet friendly vacation spot or hotel?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below.  Remember, if you found this post helpful or interesting please share. Thanks!!!

Planning a trip with your 4 legged best friend?  Here are 10 of the best pet friendly hotels with amazing perks.  Doggie wine party? Couples massage with your furry best friend? Find them all here.